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Balenciaga Bags

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The Uniqueness of Balenciaga Bags

Replica Balenciaga Bags are not famous and sought after for nothing. Its price speaks of its quality and lifetime fashionable appeal. Bags from Balenciaga are very unique and here the top 3 things that sets them apart from another signature bags in the world:

  1. It has a very distinct design. The design of these bags is one-of-a-kind. It won’t take a minute before you realize that you are looking at a Balenciaga Bag. Its signature features are the single front-zippered pocket in the middle of the bag, the studded hardware and the tassel. Balenciaga Bags have that motorcycle or biker style which is their signature look. The front-zippered pocket can be seen in all their bags and even their wallets.

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  2. These bags are made from sheen goat leather. Most signature handbags are made from cowhide leather. With Balenciaga purses and bags, you get supple and mighty sheen goat leather. Balenciaga actually has a special process to coat and color the goat leather so it comes out with a distinct sheen. Balenciaga handbags are best for urban or casual style apparel. The glossy look and the wide array of colors are just perfect for the chic and urban women.
  3. Best Bottega Veneta replica handbags are handmade. These bags aren’t manufactured in Asian countries where labor is priced at a very low cost. Balenciaga handbags are handmade in Italy by skilled artisans working for the fashion house. This is one reason why there is such a long wait list for these bags.


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